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Million Dollar Challenge

Organizing the Diaspora

We are building an army
to fight hopelessness
in Haiti. Join us!

Empowerment Centers

Provide a presence for the Dispora in communities throughout Haiti.


Haitian Diaspora
Million Dollar Challenge
$ 10,152.13
Money Raised to Date
$ 989,847.87
Amount Needed to Meet Goal
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H Welcome To Our Site

You are most likely among those who have given to Haiti relief efforts or those who have donated countless times to help the Haitian people and for that we are and will be forever grateful.

We are once again appealing to your kind heart to help us break the cycle of dependency. your tax deductible gift to the Haitian Diaspora Million Dollar Challenge Fund will provide training and strengthen the educational system to help put Haiti back on a sustainable path to development. Please help us teach them how to fish

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Urgent Needs

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Community & Family Empowerment Centers are multi-functional facilities that will provide opportunities for individuals to elevate themselves via a truly supportive education, business and health-oriented environment. Read more

Urgent Needs

Rank State/Country H. Diaspora Population Money Raised
  New York 400,000 $145.00
1 Florida 250,000 $9,223.61
  Massachusetts 100,000 $56.01
  New Jersey 57,000 $26.01
  Chicaco 15,000 $40.00
  Connecticut 15,000 $0.00
  Georgia 12,000 $197.00
  Maryland 10,000 $100.00
  Pennsylvania 8,500 $30.00
  California 6,500 $0.00
  Canada 100,000 $40.00
  France 80,000 $10.00
  Japan Unknown $50.00
  Washington, DC Unknown $25
  Virginia Unknown $31.50
  North Corolina Unknown $20
  United Kingdom Unknown $20
  Ohio   $3
  Michigan Unknown $5
  Arkansas Unknown $10
  Total 1,054,000 $10,032.13


Haitian Diaspora Challenge Fund A.K.A Haitian Sustainable Community Fund
Suntrust Banks, Inc Acct#
Bank of America Acct#
mail checks to: P.O Box 5621 Lake Worth, Fl 33466

Why I Donated to Color of Hope

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"I donated because I believe in a new Haiti " Sandy Guillaume.

What is your reason for giving to the Haitian Diaspora One Million Dollar Challenge Take a moment to let us know

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